Dracaena fragans

Latin name: Dracaena fragans
Common name: Dragon tree

Where to put her? 

Your Dracaena especially likes being placed in the living room. Do not let it sit in the full light of the sun: it prefers to be kept in the half-shadow. But, since most Dracaena species have multi-coloured leaves, light does remain important for them. When they do not get enough light, the leaves can turn one-colour green. The same phenomenon can arise when the plant does not get enough water.

Water and nutrition  

Use lukewarm water when you water Dracaena. Water it twice a week and let it dry out somewhat in between. In winter it needs less water. You can add some plant nutrition to your pouring water once a fortnight in the spring and summer. As your plant gets older it needs more nutrition. Let it rest from September to March (no nutrition). Spray the colourful species, especially in winter. Dry air can lead to brown-tipped leaves. And spraying helps to prevent red spider mite. After two years you can replant your Dracaena into a bigger pot, preferably in the spring. 


The plant prefers to be kept in a warm environment of at least 22°C, possible even warmer. In the winter it can survive cooler temperatures, but make certain the temperature does not drop below 12 to 15°C.

We are required to inform you that the plant you have bought is intended for decoration, not for consumption.