Aair max thea femme pas chereschynanthus Rasta

Latin name: Aeschynanthus Rasta
Common name: Lipstickplant
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What a great hanging plant this is!
Darkgreen curled leaves and magnificent scarlet-red flowers. The flowers are hidden in a dark-violet/brown shaft. When the flowerbuds take their first glimpse outside they look just like a lipstick. That is how the plant got its name.
Rasta makes you think of dreadlocks! That is exactly the feeling this plant will give you. This is the ultimate way to bring the tropics into your home. At the same time, Aeschynathus is a truly Dutch product. Grown by the same grower who developed the A. Twister.
The Rasta looks more compact than the Twister because its leaves are curled only in one way, along the length of the leaves. This makes the colour of a more intense green.
Some people find hanging plants difficult to place in the interior. But there is no obligation to use this plant as a hanging plant. You can just as well put it in a tall vase, for example. Or in a shallow bowl over which you can spread its sprouts. Look at the way the flowers brighten up your coffee table or window-sill!
This tropical hanger can continue to bloom for 4 to 6 weeks. The little tufts of flower at the end of the stems are remarkable.